Tuesday, May 13, 2008

CNN Jumps Into the Mixx

As you may have heard, later today, CNN will be launching “Mixx It” buttons on all of their stories. CNN is the gold standard of news, both online and broadcast, and we’re excited to have them recognize us as being a growing presence in the social media space. CNN realizes that the Mixx community is a unique offering: a system that allows all content to be socialized into relevant human viewing circles through tags, personalization, and groups.

The amazing community we’ve been blessed with on Mixx has been showing the love to CNN from the beginning. We have over 1000 CNN stories, photos and videos submitted and more than 15% of them have been voted as a top story on the site.

Again, welcome to CNN, and a big thank you to our community! Look for our press release coming later today.

Via : Mixx