Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Welcome to Mixx Without Borders!

Some people think that if you drive your employees too hard that, well, it’s a bad thing. Obviously, they’re not thinking about engineers. A strange and magical breed, engineers prefer that we show our affection and appreciation by giving them more work. So we keep them busy and happy by implementing loads of improvements—many dreamed up by our product managers, many suggested by you. In fact, several Mixxers have even offered to help out with our coding.

So, we had a little meeting and asked ourselves, “What do we do with so many Mixxers offering up so much of their time to help us create a better experience—not to mention the many others who have great ideas for what to do with Mixx data?” Some people might think these users presumptuous, but for us, there was only one answer: open the borders.

That’s right—we’ve launched our API! Want to check it out? Just head down to the Kitchen and click on the new Blender link. If you’re already a Mixx user, this is the place to check out the cool applications and websites designed by your fellow Mixxers to be used in conjunction with Mixx. If you’re a developer, use the Blender to whip up and manage API keys and brag about your cool new Mixx app.