Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mixx Picks in your Inbox

Hi everyone, Jason here with a quick note about something new we’re sending out on a trial basis. We’re calling it Mixx Picks—a somewhat-regular email newsletter featuring a handful of stories, photos and videos curated by the Mixx staff. Our goal is to pick out some of the cool, yet potentially overlooked, items that come across the site.

Now, we can already hear the cries—”What the #@%*! Mixx is spamming me!” Truth be told, we’re only sending Mixx Picks to users who have “Stay up to date with Mixx!” checked in their Account Settings. If you don’t wish to receive Mixx Picks, unsubscribing is as simple as going to your Account Settings and unchecking that box.

As mentioned above, this is something we’re testing out, and depending upon your feelings about it, we may or may not continue Mixx Picks. We think it’s pretty cool and we hope you do, too. Definitely let us know what you think. If you didn’t receive the premiere issue, you can view it online.

Via : Mixx