Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adding More Ingredients to the Mixx: Related Content

A while ago we were trying to submit something to the Mixx and it was suggested that our story might be a duplicate. Sadly it was, because some “gunner” (yeah, you know who you are) always beats us to these things. But after voting for his story and moving on, it occurred to us that, while it was the same story, it wasn’t really the same story. Same topic? Check. Same source? Check. Same angle? Che… Hey! No, it wasn’t! The first one was the news story and ours was from one of the editorial page columnists.

It’s situations like this—and we know it’s happened to you, too—that have us doing a little happy dance about the new feature we’re rolling out. Starting today, when the system says that you might be submitting a duplicate, you’ll have the option to submit that story as being related to another piece of content. So instead of just saying “yes, it’s a duplicate” and voting for the original, you’ll be given a couple of options for how the content is related to the original:

Please note that this is NOT permission to sneak in dupes. Trust us, we already tried it and we can assure you that yes, you do still have to play by the rules. Read More...