Thursday, September 11, 2008

Demystifying anti-script tools

A few folks have been discussing the use of scripts on Digg recently, so I wanted to jump into the conversations that happened this weekend. Scripts/bots place additional load on Digg servers (slowing things down for everyone), so using them is a Terms of Use violation that will result in losing access to your Digg account. We are currently looking deeper into recent script activity.

Digg monitors for script/bot activity globally across all our site pages. In addition to that, our development team has completed some improvements that will be rolled out this week. These changes will be more transparent, warning and preventing the users from using these scripts/bots. This will only affect a very small group of people, and the overwhelming majority of the Digg community won’t notice these changes. As always, all content on Digg is subjected to the Digg promotion algorithm, which requires a unique diverse pool of Diggers before promoting content to the homepage.

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